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About Us

Jamie Douglas umpiring the Edinburgh Tournament

The Edinburgh University Polo Club is a friendly, relaxed club that caters for players of all levels. The University Polo Club was founded in 1995 by Mark Emerson and James O'Connell and has been going strongly ever since.

Through the Edinburgh Polo Club, the university has access to a full size arena and boarded grass pitch allowing for competitive play throughout the year.

We aim to provide affordable polo for beginners and more advanced players. Matches are played on Wednesday afternoons and lessons are on Tuesdays and Fridays. We can organise polo for all of the universities in the Edinburgh area, and can also arrange polo for non students through the Edinburgh Polo Club.

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James giving Hiro some much needed instruction

Beginner Lessons

Our official coach James Douglas is an experienced polo coach, a three goal arena player and a two goal outdoor player. We can provide lessons for those who have never riden a horse before right up to more experienced players. Lessons are usually run on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Dalmahoy yard which is just 20 minutes drive outside of Edinburgh.

University Lessons are £35 per session, or £250 for a block of 8.

More Experienced Players

With players ranging from -2 to 3 goals, the university club offers competitive play for all levels at an affordable price. We regularly play matches in Edinburgh against teams from St. Andrews, Newcastle and far a field as Dublin and Bristol. we also compete in the university SUPA summer and winter nationals. Matches and stick and balling can be subsidised by helping to exercise the ponies at the Dalmahoy yard.

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Edinburgh University Polo Club

Upcoming Fixtures

10.02.2011: St Andrews Beach Tournament

17-20.02.11: Akuma Arena Championships

May 2011: Edinburgh Students Vs Edinburgh Club

May 2011: The SUPA Summer Nationals

May 2011: The Edinburgh Spring Cup

June 2011: Dundee and Perth Spring Tournament

Autumn 2011: The Edinburgh Tournament

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The annual Edinburgh University Polo Tournament 2010 proved to be a continuing success, with teams from The Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, the Universities of St. Andrews and Edinburgh competed at all levels.

The beginner's section was won by the RCS who beat both the Edinburgh and St. Andrews convincingly. The Irish, despite strong competition from the Scottish players, narrowly won the intermediate section.

The open section, which represented the strongest players from each university, was very competitive and Edinburgh managed to prevail with Michael Goodwill substituting for an injured James Douglas on first day. The St. Andrews and Edinburgh open teams entered the second day of competition with a tied score of 3-3, and by the last minute only one goal separated the two teams with Edinburgh on top.

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